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Getting Away from It All with a Winter Vacation

The winter season is the perfect time to just get away from it all – the pressures of school, work and even escaping a climate. Winter vacation is a popular pastime for many people whether single, married or with children. However, it can hold many different meanings depending on what you and others perceive as a winter vacation. Is it simply a specific time of year in which you take your vacation or is it a description of the activities that you plan to partake of during your time away?

Defining your Vacation

For a certain subset of people, winter vacation invokes play in cold weather pursuits such as cavorting in the snow making snowmen or even skiing. In fact, you could find a ski package to virtually any cold weather destination spot that offers skiing and other snow-based sports. Places in Colorado, northern California and much of the upper New England area offer winter vacation deals for people who love the snow.

Taking a vacation during a particular time of year, typically late November through early March may also define winter vacation. You don't have to choose any particular destination as the vacation is just taken in the wintertime, perhaps during school break. You could visit your relatives in another state or choose a destination just a few hours away from home. It is all a matter of perspective – your perspective – as to what winter vacation means for you.

Perhaps you live in a cold area that is miserable during the winter time and you really want to take a vacation someplace warm. In this respect, a winter vacation could be construed as anyplace to spend some time away from home that is warm. Many people seek out beach or tropical warm weather destinations for their winter vacation as it is the perfect pick-me-up in response to depressing cold, wet and snowy weather.

Getting There

If your winter vacation involved cold weather sports like skiing, unless you live in an area that offers it, you likely will be flying or driving to your destination. The same traveling principle applies if you are seeking a warmer weather destination to escape the cold or even your own place for a while.

A popular way to travel, especially for a family these days is via cruise ship as most basic amenities as food and lodging are all-inclusive. For a winter vacation to a warm weather destination, a cruise is an affordable way to travel with stops at many ports along the way. Of course, you could choose a cruise to Alaska which would not be warm but still intriguing as a vacation destination.

Winter vacation is all a matter of how you interpret it so the first item to consider is where you want to escape to for it. Once the destination is nailed down, you will then be able to choose your mode of transportation and lodging for your winter vacation away from home.

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