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A Winter Rental a Great Way to Save on Your Vacation

Why stay in an impersonal hotel room at a winter resort when you could book a winter rental such as a condo, cabin or house that has all the comfortable amenities of home? If you are traveling with a family, a winter rental just makes sense as the cost of two or more hotel rooms can become quite prohibitive. Plus, if your family is split into several rooms, it is harder to ensure the safety of the younger kids unless they are in your room, which can become crowded.

Why Rent?

The savings you will recognize when you choose a winter rental will allow you to add a few extras onto your itinerary such as side trips or more souvenirs. In addition, you and your family will have a lot more room to move around and maneuver in a rental plus you can keep track of where your kids are!

With a winter rental, most come with fully functional kitchens and laundry rooms which means you can save money by doing your own laundry and cooking your meals. A significant percentage of many families traveling budgets are food and when you can prepare your own, you realize huge savings.

Hotels may have a number of amenities but you can bet a winter rental will also have some extras you will love. Some offer gaming systems or even game rooms with pool or ping pong to keep families entertained during down times. There may be cable or satellite television available as well as DVD players and stereos and even Jacuzzi tubs, the same things that hotels offer guests. Of course, you likely will not concierge or maid service but those are extras you can likely forego for the sake of budget.

How to Find Them

There are a number of clearinghouse websites where you can find a winter rental that would suit the needs of your family. You would be able to search and sort by location, amenities offered and even price in addition to available tourist attractions that are in the area. Last minute travel could garner you great rates if you are the spontaneous type or you could even book up to a year in advance.

If you are a skiing fan, you might consider looking for a winter resort near a favored ski area as they not only offer hotel rooms but also winter rental properties onsite such as chalets, cabins or condos. While having the comforts of home and saving money, you would still be on resort property and up close and personal to all the action too. This scenario would definitely be the best of both worlds – a bit of tourist pampering and catering as well as a comfortable place to relax with the family.

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