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Top Winter Getaway Destinations for Families

The perfect winter getaway for you is one that you can envision yourself in whether it is a warm weather destination or even a cold one. Some people prefer to get away to a warmer climate during the winter months because they are tired of being cold every day while others relish the great wintery outdoors with the cold, snowy temperatures. Families face the warm vs. cold winter getaway dilemmas every year so instead of closing your eyes and pointing at a map, consider one of the top destinations for families listed below.

Warmer Destinations

A winter getaway is not all about snow and ice; it can also be about sunny skies, warm weather and desert destinations. Perhaps one of the most interesting places to visit during the winter season is California's Mojave Desert, specifically Joshua Tree State Park. It may not have skiing and other winter sports but it does have spectacular views, plenty of nature trails to follow, hiking trails, awesome picnic spots and even Indian rock paintings. There are tours of the Desert Queen Ranch which kids will find fascinating as there are re-enactments of days from the early 1900's.

Southern Florida offers up many winter getaway destinations both on the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean sides of the peninsula. Perhaps one of the most intriguing places that is fun for both young and old is Sanibel Island, near the Fort Myers area. This is perhaps the best place to collect an eclectic collection of shells as well as walk along sugary fine beaches. Families can build sandcastles at this winter getaway and visit the local artist colony, traverse some of the biking trails or even take an eco-tour of the large wildlife sanctuary on the island or even the mangroves.

Colder Destinations

If you are fascinated by the American Southwest and the pueblos of New Mexico, then Taos is a great winter getaway for the family. The Sangre de Cristos Mountains are quite lovely and serve as a backdrop to the pueblos built hundreds of years ago that are still in operation today! There is the nearby Carson National Park as well as opportunities for hot air balloon rides, visiting one of the area's hot springs (perfect for cold winter weather) and even hiring an outfitter that offers tours taken via llama. Of course, this Taos winter getaway would not be complete without a few runs down the slopes of Taos Ski Valley, Red River or any other ski resort in the area.

For uncrowded pristine winter wonderland pleasure, consider taking a winter getaway to the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan, specifically the Ottawa National Forest area or even the Porcupine Mountains State Park. Yes, it will be cold but the views are absolutely spectacular from the graceful meadows, picturesque valleys, lakes, creeks and even waterfalls that form interesting icy formations in the winter. The entire area is riddled with bed and breakfasts, small hotels and even cabins that could be rented out. If you plan to spend several days anywhere for your winter getaway, a winter rental, whether it is a cottage, cabin or small house, is more affordable and comfortable than a generic hotel room. And there you have it, a few warm weather and cold weather winter getaway destinations that you just might not have thought about before – try one and enjoy!

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