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Outdoor Nature Enthusiasts Should Take a Mountain Vacation

Virtually every state and American territory has mountains and therefore provides plentiful opportunities to take a mountain vacation. Some mountains have higher elevations while others may have better hiking trails or picturesque views. If you are a nature lover, a mountain vacation is a great way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. From Mount McKinley in Alaska to Mount Olympus in Washington State to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine and everywhere in between, there are a number of mountain options to choose from.

Activities for Summer Enjoyment

Mountains naturally attract a number of different activities and many tourist attractions and businesses are formed around them. The attraction of a mountain vacation during the summer time is that you get more opportunities for exploring than you would in a cold, harsh winter. Hiking and camping are two great activities at most mountain ranges and the level of difficulty of the hiking and the rusticness of the camping may vary depending on the location.

Communing with nature is important as well during a mountain vacation as it is the number one attraction, not anything man-made like amusement parks and such. You could share space with a variety of wildlife like cougars, bears, raccoons, deer, beaver, birds and more. The flora and fauna are exceptional too and you will see many species of grasses, flowers, trees, bushes and other living things.

Activities for Winter Enjoyment

Sometimes, a mountain vacation is best when it becomes a winter getaway complete with skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and more. There is something magical that happens when the snow starts to fall and the trees lose their leaves. The pristine whiteness, wild beauty and silence of the mountains could be the ultimate in relaxing vacations.

Mountain areas such as the Poconos in Pennsylvania, the Appalachians that stretch across many states through Maine and Canada and even a number of ranges throughout the Pacific Northwest all offer winter sports and activities that are centered on resorts and tourist villages. Of course, Colorado, Utah, New York, Vermont and many other states also have skiing and winter adventures just perfect if you are seeking a mountain vacation.

Your preference of weather in addition to your time off and budget all play into which mountain vacation you choose. There are advantages and disadvantages to winter and summer activities as well as other off-seasons in the spring and fall. Whatever you decide, your vacation will be a beautiful one as the splendidness and wild beauty of the mountains shines through regardless of weather.

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