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What To Pack On A Ski Vacation

You are going skiing! You were able to find a vacation package and will soon be off to enjoy the slopes. Whether it is your first time or your fiftieth time on the slopes, going on a ski vacation is an exciting time. You love the feeling of the cold wind biting your cheeks. You love the sparkling white snow and the hot cup of coffee that you reward yourself with after a long day on the face of the mountain. But if this is your first time going on a ski vacation, it may be difficult to determine what to bring.

Where Are You Going?

If you are going on a ski vacation at a resort type place, there are more items that you should bring. If you will be going to an all inclusive type of place, there will probably be a very nice lounge. You may want to bring a swim suit for a hot tub. Many nice ski lounges understand that after a long day in the cold, many skiers want to relax in a hot tub. Make sure to call and ask if you are not sure whether or not your ski vacation will include a hot tub.

Another thing you will want to ask about is how far apart your individual lodgings will be from the ski lodge and the main slopes. If you want to go back and forth from your lodgings to the ski lodge without bulking up in your ski jacket, bring a second, less bulky jacket for that trip. In addition, where you are going will also dictate what sort of toiletry you will have to bring. If you are going to a nicer ski resort, you will not have to bring towels or wash clothes on your ski vacation. If you are going to a more woodsy place, either pack your own towels and wash clothes or call ahead to see what will be provided for you on your ski vacation.

Other Things To Consider

When packing your bags for your ski vacation, you may want to consider what other happenings are in the area. You will not need to pack a going out outfit if there is no place to go, but if there is a night club in the area, you may want to pack something nice to wear. You will also want to consider what food offerings are in the area. If you are skiing in a remote location and the ski lodge is the only food available, you will want to pack some of your own snacks and food, unless you plan on eating exclusively at the ski lodge on your ski vacation. Once again, if you are in doubt, call the ski resort to clarify any questions you may have.

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